Webtime (Timesheet & Expense)

Tools analyze project information
and track billable time & expense

Program structure

  • Create Client
  • Create Matter/Engagement
  • Timesheet Enter
  • Expense Enter
  • Billing (Invoice)
  • Account
  • Standard Report


  • Create Client and Billing Address Detail
  • Enter Time and Work Performed Print Time Records Submit to Validator
  • Enter Expense and Expense Type Print Expense Records Submit to Validator
  • Create Invoice,Print Invoice,Print Attachment (Time / Expense Records)
  • Combine Time ,Expense ,Invoice and Receipt for Revenu
  • Employee Listing by Business Unit
  • Time Report by Employee
  • Invoice Report by Client
  • Client Data (Export Data)
  • Matter/Engagement Information (Export Data)

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Webtime (Timesheet & Expense) ?
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