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By: Admin / 23 พฤษภาคม 2559
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e-biz Expo 2016

e-Biz Expo 2016 Digital in Your Hand 

Experience an expo dedicated exclusively to all aspects of e-Business and online technology with Exclusive e-Commerce Conference by Leader e-Commerce keynote speaker and witnesses the best e-Commerce website award during the show.

The show held for the second year in the theme of Digital in your Hand : Gateway To ASEAN e-Commerce & Digital Business, highlighting the importance of the digital commerce supported by DBD, ETDA, FTI, MICT,Thailand e-Commerce association
Organize by: N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer.Co.,Ltd.

Show will cover in 5 parts as follow;
1. Trade Show Digital Business Exhibition :
- e-Commerce 
- e-Logistic 
- e-Payment 
- Digital Marketing 
- Cross-Border e-Commerce

2. International Conference/ Break out Room

3. Business Matching Program

4. e-Commerce Award

5. Digital Showcase

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